APARTMENTS [click here...]

Reservation terms

  1. The Reservation terms are components of the guest admission contract.
  2. The guest admission contract is concluded, as soon as the apartment (holiday house) is ordered and is confirmed.
  3. The guest acquires a right to apartment of the same type, but not a certain apartment.
  4. Verbal arrangements are only effective if they have been confirmed in written form.
  5. The apartments are available for the guest at 15:00 o'clock on the day of arrival and till 10:00 o'clock on the day of departure.
  6. Unless a later arrival time was set up, the hotelier has the right to relet the booked apartment after 18:00 o'clock.
  7. It can be paid in cash, by EC-card as well as in advance by bank credit transfer.
  8. In all offers additional services and final cleaning are included.
  9. Cancellations of the guest admission contract must be available in written form. To avoid failures, the hotelier has the right, in good faith, to relet the undrawn apartment. Nevertheless, he invoices the apartment price (less the saved achievements (20%).
  10. We recommend to effect a travel cancellation insurance.


Group directives

  1. These Terms and Conditions are valid for all deliveries and achievements except overnight stay.
  2. Terms and Conditions of the customer find no use even if it is not expressly contradicted. Herewith the counter indication of the Terms and Conditions of the customer are contradicted.
  3. The contract is achieved in the aftermath of the verbal or written inquiry of the customer and by the acceptance by the restaurant "Fisherman's House". The "Fischerman's Hause" allows an application in written or verbal form, in text form (e-mail, fax) or by service provision.
  4. At table reservations the guest is entitled to the booked place number within the premises of the Fischerman's house. The places are kept 30 minutes overdue the reservation time and then can be relet.
  5. It is valid the current menu. The indicated prices are understood, unless otherwise stated, including the valid value added taxes.
  6. The payment of the bill occurs in cash, by EC-card or by credit card. At group reservations, a payment by credit card is excluded. After commitment by the restaurant "Fisherman's House", a payment by bill is possible afterwards.
  7. A change of the ordered scope of performances determines a price change according to expenditure.

BOAT RENTALS [click here...]

Rental conditions / Contract

  1. Payment
    the delivery of the boat occurs only after entire payment of the rental price.
  2. Security
    On delivery of the boat, security money is to be provided according to the charter contract which you can deposit in cash. The security money serves for the cover of all claims of the owner against the tenant and ship's master, for any reason.
  3. Insurance
    The rental object is insured in favour of the tenant under following conditions: Liability for personal and property damages to EUR 2.6 million and comprehensive co-insurance of 500 EUR. Damage of equipment and private property are not insure, as well as an act of neglect. Further details are regulated by the insurance terms which are displayed in the rental conditions that are a component of this contract.
  4. Acceptance of responsibility – Guidance of the boat
    The ship's master must be of lagal age and in the possession of a valid identity card. He is responsible for his team. The ship's master undertake the boat after execution of the necessary formalities (security, examination of the equipment and boat condition) and only after he has received the navigation and boat handling instructions. The ship's master is to respect the regulations of the inland waterway transport and those of the Plauer Experience Tours. At dark or poor visibility it is forbidden to sail. The boat is to be returned clean and fully fueled, otherwise refuelling and cleaning is calculated and deducted from a security.
  5. Liability of the tenant/ship's master
    The tenant is liable to non-secured damages, provided that natural wear is the cause. He is also liable to claims of third party, those results from actions or omission during the rental time which he has to represent. At delayed return of the boat the tenant is liable to the damage which the new tenant asserts legitimately. It is not valid due to circumstances beyond our control. If the tenant is not a ship's master at the same time, so the ship's master is also liable to all damages and obligations which arise from the responsible guidance of the ship.
  6. Boat equipment
    The tenant undertakes to announce to the owner every loss or every damage and is liable to the reimbursement of the damage.
  7. Accidents/damage events
    Provided that an accident or damage is caused due to carelessness or nonobservance of the situation, complaints can not be brought to the Plauer Experience Tours, Marco Block. The tenant undertakes to announce immediately the supplied damages. An accident report is to be provided which must issue all relevant informations to the accident procedure, involved boats and people as well as witnesses. A form of an accident report is enclosed in the log book. The tenant is not allowed to carry out any repairs without a consent of the Plauer Experience Tours. The damages which are not to be answered by the Plauer Experience Tours exclude claims for damages of the tenant in the case stop. At external damages police is to be consulted. The involved insurance terms are to be followed.
  8. Breakdowns and averages
    The Plauer Experience Tours provide a free breakdown service for the tenant as fast as possible, according to the availability of staff and material and during the business hours on phone call. At a stopover of less than 24 hours there are no claims against the tenant. A breakdown caused by the tenant excludes any claims for damages. The owner has the right to retain the security to cover the boat damages.
  9. Interruption, journey restriction, force majeure
    The Plauer Experience Tours are not liable to interruptions or journey restrictions because of force majeure (works, high flood, drought, strike, etc.) or because of administriell conditioned measures.
  10. Return of the boat
    The boat and its equipment must be returned to the base, on the agreed day and at the agreed time. The ship's master must take a suitable time into account to be able to return in time. The boat must be returned to the owner in the same condition as it was taken over and according to the inventory list. The tenant is responsible for all delays made by him and all involved cost. Every delayed broken hour is charged according to the tariff so the tenant must refund money to the new tenant.
  11. The sailing area
    The sailing area is limited to the Mecklenburg Lake District and the Müritz Elde waterway. Attention: no entry in red marked areas.
  12. Any other business
    The boat is not to be used for purposes which infringe valid rules. Every commercial use by the tenant is forbidden. The participation in races and similar events as well as an interconnection with other boats is prohibited.
  13. Jurisdiction
    According to law 90-314 from the 13th of June, 1990 of the Council of Europe, the renting is not a package deal. Legal venue is a district court of Parchim.

BOAT RENTALS - APPENDIX [click here...]

Appendix to the charter contract

  1. Behaviour on the water
    - §1 of the Highway Code is also valid on the water!
    - Permanent caution and mutual consideration
    - All the other vessels have priority!
    - Occupational navigation (attention: large, fast and big waves), sail boats, skiffs, surfer and swimmer.
    - Sports boats amongst themselves: right has right-of-way.
    - Along the canals and in the bank area slowly: max. 6 km/h
    - Avoid the bank area, because it is flattish and stony
    - Do not sail in the marked areas, they are closed (nature reserves)
    - No races
    - Do not tie together with other boats
    - Speed limit on the lake must not exceed 25 km/h with driving licence and 12 km/h without driving licence
  2. Accidents, Breakdowns
    - Turn out the engine
    - Drop if necessary the anchor
    - Call the owner (Tel. No. see above)
    - Wenn kein Telefon vorhanden: Schwimmweste über den Kopf hin- und herschwenken, ein anderes Sportboot herbeirufen und bitten mit dem Vercharterer Kontakt aufzunehmen. If the phone is not available: niddle noddle a life jacket over the head, call another sports boat and ask to contact the owner.
  3. „Golden rules of the nature conservation“
    - do not drive and anchor in the reed
    - avoid gravel banks, sand bars and mud bars (they are are often resting and brood places of birds)
    - Keep enough distance to riparian woodland, birds' clutches and flock of birds (approx. 50 m to 100 m)
    - Do not sail in nature reserves
    - While accreting use the allocated spaces
    - Keep waters clean do not (do not dispose of waste in the water, turn out the engine while stop)
  4. Liability/Insurance
    - the boat has comprehensive insurance with co-insurance of 250.00€
    - equipment and private property, careless action are not insuraed
    - the tenant is liable to damages towards third party
    - damages are to be announced to the owner
    - The rental Terms and conditions of the „Plauer Experience Tours“ apply
  5. The boat
    - max. 4 persons, max. 6 persons, max. 8 persons
    - move the line and fender during the journey in the boat
    - do not remove the anchor rode from the boat
    - Kinder nicht aufs Vorschiff
    - do not climb on the cabin roof
    - observe the check oil indicator light if it is on during the journey: turn out the engine and call the owner