Pictures of History

Construction area Apartments 1995Construction area Apartments in 1995

Construction area Apartments 2 1995Construction area Apartments 2 in 1997

Supporting pillarSupporting pillar for apartments in 1997

Approach construction to the Holiday parkApproach construction to the Holiday Park in 1998

Holiday Park in 1999Holiday Park in 1999

Construction area Fisherman's House in 1999Construction area Fisherman's House in 1999

Construction area Fisherman's House in 1999Construction area Fisherman's House in 1999

Fisherman's House in 2000Fisherman's House in 2000


Promenade to the lake 1991   Promenade to the lake in 1991

Framing Café Pavillon 1992   Framing Café "Pavillon" in 1992

The birthday of the holiday park is the time shortly after the German reunification. The Block family took the turnaround also professionally as a new beginning.

The very first ambitions were in the passenger ship tours. But then they discovered this particular estate and its developing potential for the whole town, as a connection to the Plauer lake.

They developed, with the help of the friend and architect Peter Andrees, a holiday park with a café, holiday homes and a restaurant "Fischerman's House" in the centre.

The location was ideal along the Müritz-Elde waterway, near the town harbour and the shipping pier. The slogan „Directly at the water and, nevertheless, in the town“ was found quickly.

But before the construction could begin, a whole series of building and constructional problems had to be solved. The city of Plau supported the plans of the Block family courageously.

The architect arranged the permission under building law. However, the building site turned out to be difficult and non-supporting. The supporting ground was hidden between 4 – 9 m under the peat. To solve this problem Mr. Block got a Denmark company that produced the necessary supporting structures. The company was called "The Sun" and everything was again all right. Even the difficult financing could be mastered with the help of the Parchim-Plau Savings Bank.

The Block family invested at first in building of the café "Pavillon" in 1992. Two years later the apartments were built as well.

Fortunately the Block family has three healthy hard and full energy sons. They assisted with the construction. The three ones applied themselves to the service career. The eldest son is a cook, the middle - a boatbuilder and the youngest - hotel clerk.

The eldest son, Remo, assisted with the construction of the "Fisherman's House" that was opened in 2000. He is a cook and has got his experience in famous restaurants in Switzerland and Austria. The "Fisherman's House", thatched and really cosy, has a characteristic atmosphere and an excelente kitchen, specializing in fish dishes from the Mecklenburg Lake District.

The middle son, Marco, studied at first commercial businessman, later boatbuilder in Lübeck. His hobby is his occupation now. In 2003 he founded the company „Plauer Experience Tours“, that offers boat service, boat rental for our guests and different maritime tours. The next component of the holiday park.

The youngest son, Steffen, studied hotel clerk and has got his experience aboard a ship between St. Petersburg and New York.

In the meantime, the promenade is redesigned as a connection between the town and the Plauer Lake. Next year the town get a wide mole with bridge and lighthouse as a new attraction.

"Fisherman's House" and the neu promenade to the lake in 2009 Fisherman's House and the neu promenade to the lake in 2009

In 2010 Remo Block starts the new project „Enlargement of the "Fisherman's House". It consists of a spa, a biological swimming pond, a new sauna and wellness suites.

You see, it is always exciting at the Block's.